Compare and contrast essay

The first point to take into consideration in terms of writing a compare and contrast essay is to find two issues that are similar enough to be compared, as well as quite different to be contrasted. As soon as such topic is chosen, the process of searching for all necessary information begins. Theoretical material won’t be enough. Examples play the key role in this respect. As you have already understood, every idea you mention should be underpinned by an appropriate fact, quote or statistic data.

In terms of paper writing, you will need to formulate a thesis statement. It is that one sentence in which you dwell upon the topic you are going to work on, as well as the way in which you plan to tackle the problem. After that you can proceed to the writing of the main body. It would be quite logical to dedicate one paragraph to highlighting similar aspects, while the next one should be about the differences between the two issues. The more examples you provide, the higher chances for getting a good grade you have.

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