Research paper on Zulu culture

Research paper on Zulu culture is very important since it enhances the readers’ understanding on the Zulu people in regard to their way of life. Without the paper, not a single reader would come to the kwnoledge that Zulu people are spread across the Southern African countries namely Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Besides this, the paper also gives critical information about the demographic information, distribution patterns and socio-cultural activities of the Zulu.
The paper makes it clear that agriculture is the backbone of the Zulu people- in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique- where they live. This follows the reality that most of them who occupy fertile lands with adequate rainfall, as the case in the Southern African countries, are known to plant crops such as maize, beans and millet. They still grow traditional crops such as finger millet, the dark sorghum, cassava and African potatoes in most of the areas they occupy considering that the traditional crops can withstand diverse weather conditions as opposed to the maize and beans.
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The Zulu also keep livestock as a source of their livelihood; meat and milk are the products that the Zulu people enjoy from their livestock. In as much as the forest coverage is shrinking with every passing year in the Southern African countries, the Zulu still get a lot of livelihood from the forests. The hunter and gatherers among the Zulu people are known to get wild fruits, game meat and timber- the key products from the forest that has sustained the forest living Zulus from time immemorial and they will still rely on it for many years to come.

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Sex education taught in schools

Outline on Sex Education
General purpose: At conclusion, the audience ought to comprehend the technicality behind sex change.
Attention getter: Imagine getting your 12 year old daughter devastated that she had had her first periods. Apparently she does not comprehend the reason as to why there was a bloody discharge from her body. That information is lacking. This shows that people really need sex Education to help them manage future problems in case of any eventuality.
-Complexities of sex education
A powerful thesis statement’ role is to finalize the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement sums up the motive of the reader or orator.
Introduction-A general overview of what sex education is
Body-Justification for sex education in schools-This includes reason as to why sex education is vital in schools.
-The next paragraph talks about the reaction towards sex education in schools. These are the points that criticize the idea of people being taught sex education in schools.
Conclusion-This is where all the final statement are made. These include all the other factors taken from different schools of thoughts.

Sex education is an exceedingly pertinent matter in the society. It is a subject that has widespread implications, based on the beliefs and truths about it. Sex education is a broad subject that entails different aspects. Its components are dependent on the views of people. It involves instilling knowledge on people about sex. The school environment can be one of the platforms where sex education is conducted. A matter has accolades and criticisms from diverse quarters. This paper’s motive is to give a clear but detailed account on sex education in schools.
Sex education is extremely imperative in any society. It is even more desirable in school than in any place. School going children have a lot to learn. They not only concentrate on the academic perspective at the expense of others. Each parent yearns that his or her youngster ought to have a holistic approach to life. Physical education is one part of life (Chambers 21). Sex education is another. A combination of this factor plus several others makes life holistic. Ignorance should be a gone case if sex education would have been conducted since the formative tears.
Adolescence is a stage that everyone undergoes. Most students tend to be within this age bracket. Their bodies seem to undergo certain changes (Ridini, 18). Sex education is requisite to enlighten the students on how to handle the changes that their bodies are undergoing. The student’s mental grip also seems to work under pressure. Educating them at this stage will play a crucial role in helping them comprehend the transformations on their bodies. Most students tend to keep away from their parents during adolescence so they would not be able to share with their parents.
Openness is the next crucial point. Since students spend a lot of time in school, their teachers are able to understand them. A student who might not be willing to talk with the parents about sex could find easy with the teacher. Since the teacher understands the student, he or she would not mind sharing (Campos 85).
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This bond between teachers and the students plays a significant role in solving the pending issue. Eventually, students would go home more informed than when they left their respective homes (Magoon 45).
Some people argue that sex education should not be done in schools because the topic is too saturated for the students. This school of thought subscribes to the idea that sex education is tantamount to exposing children to explicit contents. Adolescents who are school going need to get informed promptly and effectively. For instance, they ought to understand pregnancy. This will help them in comprehending the diverse implications of teenage pregnancy. In so doing, the students would have gotten some advantage on pregnancy (Bruess 20).
Sex education is meant to enlighten students about concrete issues pertaining to their sexuality. Contrarily, some people argue that sex education makes students vulnerable to sex pests. This is because the children would tend to confirm the reality behind what they were taught. This belief tends to be partially true, although it is subject to criticism (Crooks 77). This is attributive to claims on the veracity of the claim that teaching sex education will make students experiment.
In conclusion, sex education will always remain a subject of interest in the society. Schools provide a favorable environment for students to learn about sex education (Allerston 43). This, therefore, qualifies it as an ideal place for letting students demystify issues that are related to sex. Effective sex education remains a requisite for any society that wants to display high levels of sobriety on morals.

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