Distribution plan for Choco berry

Introducing a new product in the market requires a lot of planning and well hope. Hope that the customers will be pleased with the new product and welcome it without any fuss. Launching a new product into the market takes stages, time and a lot of commitment form the manufacturer. The first phase in most cases entails the research. Research has to be conducted to see if the product can establish a niche in the market and how it is likely to affect the overall perception of the consumers. After doing the research the conclusions or the results are used to come up with a new product. After the product has been designed and the first prototypes released, it is taken to a few consumers who give a general but individual assessment of the product.
The producer then goes back to the drawing board to make adjustments to the product as per the comments of the sampled consumers.
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After it is certified that the product is fit for the market and all the legal formalities are met, then the producer has to plan hoe the product will be distributed both to the local and international markets. The distribution has to be well planned to ensure that all the targeted consumers are reached and no shortcomings are met as far as the distribution is concerned.
Choco berry releases new products often to suit the wide tastes of the larger market they serve. The chocolate covered berry comes in many varieties and flavors with target for different consumers. The most elaborate process is always the distribution plan for chokeberry which turns out adventurous to its customers.

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