Essay on why a multilingual education is important

Multilingual education is a must these days. A good command of a foreign language is a common requirement in the job place. A foreign language also gives the speaker confidence in communicating with strangers or fellow foreigners. Everyone travels today, and many people rethink the importance of learning another language.

Multilingual education is perhaps the easiest way for children to master a foreign language. Once we try learning a different language as adults, we find it pretty challenging. Children, on the other hand, perceive languages eagerly and easily. Up to the age of 8, they can learn two languages at a time without any major difficulties.

Being a foreign language speaker makes the world closer. We do not feel like strangers anymore. Our fellow foreigners appear to be just people like us so that we easily find a common language. Communication and understanding are the prior things why we need to know a foreign language.

Essay on how a dress code in school potentially discriminate against women

School uniform always evokes concerns of everyone in the school. Teachers find their students dressed inappropriately. Parents get stunned every time new standards appear in a school dress code. And students are just depressed for they cannot wear their casual and comfortable clothes to classes. Most restrictions consider girls wear for young women are supposed to distract others from studying exposing their female forms.

Forbidding girls to expose practically every prominent part of their body, school rules imply that little women should be ashamed of their forms. Femininity is not supposed to have physical appearance, so think school managers. As a result, we have plenty of girls who try to overexpose their feminine nature outside schools or those who rebel in response to school rules. Boys, on the other hand, do not get used to girls looking like women.

Essay on how to modernize school curriculum and make it more engaging for students

Everybody is talking of improving teaching methods now but the talk rarely goes beyond giving new computers or installing multimedia boards. At the same time, students lack books and teachers who would give classes in smaller groups. School curriculum is a challenge to every student who aims at completing all tasks. It is often physically impossible to process all information given and complete the prescribed tasks. That is why most students select which subjects they study and which ones stay left behind.

Breaking school curriculum into smaller pieces is essential to make educational targets achievable. An overstuffed schedule is the first reason why students have so much stress. Taking classes and a few extracurriculars, they do not have infinite free time at night. The task of educators is not to fill classrooms with more devices. Improving education is about making it comfortable for both teachers and students.

Essay on gender stereotypes present in today’s workplaces

Gender-oriented occupations have been a norm since women have first joined the world of professions. Since then, it was typical for a woman to be a nurse, secretary, or teacher. Though plenty of women leaked into the air forces, the military has never been a right field for a female. Today things have changed much, but women stay out in engineering, construction, and technology.

About a half of American women are a part of the US workforce today, and many of them try hard to get a promotion or find a better job. It is often the case that male-dominated occupations (technician, engineer) pay better than female-dominated (teacher, nurse). Some women are initially attracted by military service, for example, and do not want any “feminine” occupations to feel comfortable.

In some way, most of us support gender stereotypes in the workplace. Male-oriented jobs are often dangerous or physically-challenging, and a significant part of women would not agree to work there.

Essay on discrimination that African American women still face in American society today

African American women face double segregation in the US and beyond. On the one hand, women often earn less than their male colleagues and are more likely to be fired or not promoted. On the other hand, people of color are visibly marginalized as compared to their white fellow citizens. It creates extra problems for African American women and American society on the whole.

Among the most common inequality problems, African American women name gender pay gap and a difficulty getting a well-paid job. Plenty of African Americans work in service industries for years as they cannot get a better education to move forward. In politics, women are strongly underrepresented. Many African American actresses publicly claim that even in Hollywood they are underpaid. Women also have difficulties accessing healthcare services for their employers do not provide medical insurance.

What are economic aspects of Zulu people depend on


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Psychology personal statement


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